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Collection: Softy Collection

Training clothes for maximum comfort . Made of exclusive and soft material.
The collection consists of tights, shorts, capris (3/4 length), crop tops and sports bras. The softy fabric is suitable for yoga, running and strength training. The fabric is light, comfortable and dries quickly. You will both look and feel fantastic in Softy.

The construction of the Softy fabric is unique. We have used fine Nylon 6.6 and Lycra Elastane. The material is tightly knitted (Interlock) for a matte look and uncompromising comfort. This makes the training clothes suitable for training, and ensures that both tights and shorts are squat-proof. Neither tights, shorts nor capris have a front seam, so you avoid camel toe.

Interlock makes the garments even more comfortable and beautiful. The fabric has a finer texture and is smoother against the skin. Shorts and tights made from interlock material will also be more squat-proof than other bottoms.