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Explore the range of Flared Pants, Yoga Pants and Flared Pants

Our slung trousers and tights with a slung can be used for both everyday life and training. We recommend Flared Pants for everyday use. These are wide-leg slacks in comfortable, high-quality cotton.

If you want to train in a comfortable pair of trousers, you can choose between Ribbed Split Flared Leggings and Yoga Pants . Both of these variants are made of technical material that breathes and transports sweat away from the body. These are training tights with a flare and wide legs.

Yoga Pants are the trousers that are most popular for Yoga, but many people choose to use them for everyday and regular strength training.

Flared Pants are our most popular everyday trousers. They outperform all slouchy trousers from Nelly, Gina Tricot and Brandy Melville. The fabric looks nicer and holds up better. These slacks are made of good quality cotton with a lot of stretch.

Ribbed Flared Leggings are made from an elastic ribbed material. They are suitable for both strength training and everyday use. Tights with a flare have become a big hit.

Our selection of Yoga Pants, Flared Leggings and Sling Pants can be found in heather grey, black, dark blue and beige.