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Famme | Pronounced \fam\

Famme is derived from femme, French for woman. With our brand founded by two French-born individuals, the name felt perfect. Merging "femme" with a Norwegian twist, Famme was born. Thus began the Famme journey, crafting quality activewear on a winter day in 2016.

Today, Famme has evolved into a proficient and informed team dedicated to quality, products, efficiency, and expertise. As a D2C (Direct-To-Consumer) brand, we sell our products directly to customers via our website, eliminating intermediaries

The drive that initiated Famme remains unchanged today. Our aim remains to craft products you'll cherish. Internally, our mission is to outshine our nearest competitors in crafting top-notch training wear. This was a natural step due to our extensive industry knowledge.

Five years prior to Famme's inception, we collaborated with prominent European brands, even some of our renowned competitors. This experience provided us with insights, resilience, and expertise, propelling us to our present status as a globally recognized clothing brand.

In the garment's evolution, we fuse technology and fashion to craft stylish and practical attire for both workouts and everyday wear. Our extensive range encompasses training wear, seamless outfits, athleisure, loungewear, running shoes, and even jeans.


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Best on Seamless Training Clothes

Famme was among the pioneers in introducing seamless products. In Norway, we were the first clothing brand to emphasize seamless training attire, and we've maintained a leadership position in delivering seamless, high-quality options. 

Our garments excel due to the utilization of premium-quality yarn. We source a significant portion of our seamless yarn from the esteemed Italian manufacturer Fulgar. Fulgar SpA stands as one of the foremost producers of technical yarn globally.

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Sustainable and environmentally friendly produced

Our manufacturers are carefully selected, and often involving visits from the Famme team. This ensures that we deliver high-quality products that are sustainably and environmentally consciously produced. Our partners maintain a steadfast commitment to environmentally friendly production practices..

Our partner's production facilities prioritize both environmental friendliness and sustainability, aiming to preserve nature and support their staff. Learn more about our commitment to ethical and sustainable production here.


Our product categories

At Famme we take pride in offering a wide range of exceptional products, including an extensive collection of seamless tights, tops, and underwear. Whether you're headed to a workout session or spending time at home, we have garments that cater to your active everyday needs.

Training clothes

Sportswear is our specialty, and our widest selection falls within this category, particularly in tights. Regardless of the type of training you're engaging in, we offer a guaranteed range of training clothes to meet your requirements. Our online store is well stocked with a wide selection of training tights and tops, available in various colors and styles.

For low- to medium-intensity training, seamless training clothes provide an excellent option. These garments offer a relaxed and comfortable fit for optimal ease. However, for high-intensity training, choosing compression tights and a sports bra with strong support is recommended. During vigorous movement, it's crucial that the clothing stays in place throughout your entire training session.

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If you have questions or want to give us feedback, feel free to write to us here. Our headquarters are conveniently situated in the heart of Oslo, while our warehouse is located in close proximity to the capitol.